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SYF-5050 SYF5050 Satelite Finder KU Band Specifications: Frequency Range: 0.95-2.3GHZ Gain: 17dB Sensitivity: 7 Power Supply: DC 13-18V Operation Range: LNB Gain=52-60dB Connect the coaxial cable coming from the LNB of your attenna to the TO LNB connection on the satelite finder Connect the coaxial cable going to your satelite receiver to the TO REC input on the satelite finder Turn on the satelite receiver - the finder scale meter reading should be approximately "1" Set your antenna to the proper azimuth and elevation settings (this information should be supplied with your satelite antenna) Set the satelite finders scale reading to about 5 by adjusting the level control found on the face of the satelite finder ( turning the knob clockwise will increase the reading) Peak the signalby slowly moving the azimuth and elevation of your antenna. When the signal level shown on the satelite finder becomes full scale, turn the control knob counter clockwise to reduce the level to around "5". Continue to move the antenna until you achievesignal level with the highest possible meter reading Important: To avoid continuous full scale reading, do not use the satelite finder directly in front of the antenna When using a LNB with gain higher than 60-65dB insert a 5dB attenuator between the LNB and the satelite finder 


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